Biblical Counseling

Biblical Counseling
Grace Baptist Church offers biblical counseling to those in need of biblical guidance and direction in a specific area and sometimes critical times in their lives. Biblical counseling is not psychology plus the Bible. Biblical counseling is counseling from the only trustworthy source of counsel available to man--the Word of God. The following are questions that some may have regarding our counseling. Please follow the procedure at the bottom to make an appointment for counseling.

1. I have seen a psychologist/psychiatrist/therapist/etc. in the past. Will this be similar?
No, and yes. Most psychological methods are based upon theories, many of which contradict one another. Your counseling may have included prescribed drugs as well as the counseling sessions. No man-made theories or drugs will be prescribed in your counseling sessions. However, truth is dispensed from the Word of God in times of discussion and teaching.

2. Will I be asked to stop my medications?
Your prescriptions medications and other treatments may be an item of discussion in counseling, but you must discuss your decision to stay or stop your medications with your physician.

3. Can I come in with my spouse/ children?
Marriage counseling is almost always best with both husband and wife present, however initial meetings may only include one spouse until the other consents. Counseling of children will include the presence of parents.

4. Will I have to lie down on a couch?

5. Is the counselor licensed?
No. The pastor and other counselors are trained in Scriptures, but not recognized by any agency or licensing board.

6. Is there confidentiality in what I say?
Your counselor will keep what you say private unless necessary to include others. This means that if sin is involved, according Matthew 18:15ff, if a Christian is stubbornly unrepentant, then others must be involved. Also, if others are endangered or a crime has been committed, confidentiality is not guaranteed.

7. How many sessions will I need to attend?
Because Biblical Counseling seeks to get at the root of the problem, it is much shorter than most psychological counseling. Often, homework is given so that the counselee(s) is/are making progress in between sessions. Due to the vast differences in counseling problems an estimate is impossible to give.

8. Do I need to be a member of Grace Baptist Church to receive counseling?
No, but if you are a member/attendee of another Christian church, you need to see your pastor first. If he is unable to help you, then we will make an initial appointment with you to discuss further counseling. If you are not a regular attendee/member of Grace Baptist Church or not a Christian, we have limited appointment times for you, but stress that our counseling is biblical and will be of limited help to you if you are unwilling to obey the Bible.

9. Do I need to do the homework assignments (See Question 7)?
Yes. Those with incomplete homework assignments will not be seen at their appointment time. Those who miss two appointment times due to incomplete homework will not be allowed to make further appointments.

10. Is there a cost for counseling?
No. All biblical counseling is offered free of charge.

Due to time limits and other pastoral responsibilities, it has become necessary to establish the following procedure for counseling appointments. Please fill out the following information:

Send an email with the following information:

Name and contact phone number.
A brief description of the problem 
(20 words or less).
What you have done to address the problem (20 words or less).
What you would like to achieve.
Days and times you are available to meet for 1 hour.
[The more options you give the greater opportunities you will have. Most counseling appointments available are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Other days may be available. Are you willing to take time off during office hours (8a-5p) to meet? Which times?]

We will try to get back to you as soon as possible with a response and appointment time. Thank you!