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Helpful Links

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From Pastor Richard Bargas

  • A Response to Vaticinium Ex Eventu (pdf) A response to the supposed explanation for fulfilled prophecy. This article explains that the Scriptures were written before the prophecies were fulfilled because their source is God, not man's imagination.

For Bible study

  • Biblia- Logos Bible Software's online version. Many resources are free and searchable. You can purchase more resources through this site. Requires a free login account.
  • Bible Gateway-Conduct Bible searches in many translations and languages. Find a verse of the day, keyword searches and topical searches.
  • Theological Resource Center -Online resources from The Master's Seminary, The Master's College, Grace to You, and Grace Community Church. A one-stop shop to find seminary course lecture videos, sermons from Grace Community Church, the seminary and college, as well as articles, blogs and sermons transcripts. 

  • Monergism- An excellent source of all things Reformed. Find theological writings and in-depth Bible study here.
  • ESV-The official website of the English Standard Version, the literal translation that Pastor Bargas uses and recommends
  • Phil Johnson's Bookmarks-A helpful compilation of good theology, bad theology, and really bad theology links. This site also contains other helpful links to apologetics, biblical counseling and sermons.
  • The Spurgeon Archive-The largest collection of Charles Spurgeon resources on the web. An excellent source for those who seek to benefit from the "Prince of Preachers."
  • Grace Online Library-an excellent source of Reformed Baptist, Calvinist and Puritan articles and information. Use caution in regards to the articles regarding Ecclesiology (study of the church) and Eschatology (study of end times).
  • Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL). A large collection of good Christian classics that can be read online including Church history, theology, apologetics, Puritan writings and Christian living.

Organizations and Institutions

  • IFCA International. The association of Independent Fundamental Bible Churches who seek to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ without compromise and without denominational constraints and limitations. Pastor Bargas is a member of this fellowship.
  • The Master's College, Santa Clarita, Ca. A Christian liberal arts college that promotes the centrality of the Word and exalts the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  • The Master's Seminary, Sun Valley, Ca. A theological seminary that it committed to training men to proclaim the Word of God through expository preaching. Pastor Bargas is a graduate of this seminary.
  • Sovereign Grace Ministries. Reformed theology with a charismatic bent. Use discernment in regards to teachings on the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts.
  • Desiring God Ministries. The ministry of John Piper. Excellent articles and resources from a Reformed Baptist point of view with a slightly charismatic bent. Use discernment in regards to teachings on the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts.
  • Founders Press. A site designed by those within the Southern Baptist Convention who desire to see the Convention return to its Calvinistic roots. Excellent articles can be found in its Founder's Journal.