Global Missions

Global Missions

The Choy's in Fiji

Premend Choy and his family (wife Sharmila, daughters Charlene and Abigail) came to the United States in 2007 from Fiji to go to seminary and the Lord directed his steps to The Master’s Seminary in Southern California. He received his M.Div. in May of 2012 and completed his Th.M. in the fall of 2012. He recalls his time at this seminary as one of his sweetest experiences even though it was packed with rigorous academic training. He is grateful to the Lord for directing his steps to a seminary that is serious about training men as if lives depended on it!

Premend believes that the training has been instrumental in preparing him for godly living, for leadership in ministry, and for effective involvement in serving others.

Now that the training is over, Premend and his family returned to Fiji in early 2013 and have rejoined the faculty of the Fiji Bible College from which he graduated years ago. His focus in on training the next generation of young men for ministry in the South Pacific region. This Bible College has been training pastors for the past 38 years under the leadership of Dr. Narayan Nair.

For more information about the Choy's ministry in Fiji, please go to

USA Contact:
AFCI USA Service Center
1355 Terrell Mill Rd.
Bldg. 1462, Ste. 100
Marietta, GA 30067
(770) 980-2020

Fiji Contact:
College of Theology & Evangelism, Fiji
PO Box 315, Buabua Rd.
Lautoka, Fiji Islands
(679) 628-3805

US Cell Phone# (714) 458-4974


Mike and Diane Hartman in Brazil

Mike and Diane serve the Lord through New Tribes Missions in Manaus, Brazil. Currently they are in charge of foreign relations. This involves helping new missionaries from various countries obtain their visas and get the necessary paperwork completed. They also help current missionaries maintain compliance with their visas and passports, and help short-term missionary teams plan and organize their trips. They also serve as hosts for teams during their time in Manaus. 

Anniversary: July 21, 1979
Birthdays: Mike – June 10; 
Diane – September 9


Caixa Postal 1421

Manaus AM 69065-970


Phone: Mike: 55-92-8235-7582 Diane: 55-92-8174-7788

Skype: mdhartman

Facebook: Diane Hartman



Bryan and Cheri Stensaas in Uganda

Bryan and Cheri Stensaas arrived in Uganda in 1994. They lived and worked in the Mbarara area for the first six years, starting several churches, a Bible institute, and the first truly Christian radio station in Uganda. They then moved to Soroti with the goal of starting another church, radio station, and Bible institute. Within three years, they were able to establish The Independent Baptist Church of Soroti, the Independent Baptist Institute of Soroti, the Calvary Radio, and the Independent Baptist Seminary. With these goals fulfilled, Bryan and Cheri have returned to Mbarara to start more churches among the Abankole people.

Anniversary: July 25, 1970
Birthdays: Bryan -September 29; Cheri - July 10

Mission Address:
PO Box 9215 
Chattanooga, TN 37412

Field Address:
PO Box 1522
Mbarara, Uganda, E. Africa

Phone #256-792-279267

Stensaas Family website: